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Quality of the UConn School of Business Student

The UConn School of Business is one of the best and most comprehensive business schools in the nation, offering academic programs at the bachelors, masters, doctorate and advanced certificate levels, and spanning multiple Connecticut locations. UConn students graduate as knowledgeable, experienced, prepared, and alert young professionals ready for the workplace after their learning and growth both in the classroom and out. The quality of a UConn education, as well as the experiential learning and past success with employers make a UConn employee one of the top candidates for any position.


Business school ranking guides attempt to measure the caliber of institutions by comparing them on any number of factors. Some sets of rankings are designed with the intent to measure the overall quality of these programs, while others have a more narrow focus, comparing and ranking schools based on only one specific attribute.

At UConn, we’ve always focused on academic excellence, plain and simple. Not surprisingly, honors and special recognition naturally follow.

#18 for ROI among all U.S. business programs

(Return on Investment) BloombergBusinessweek (2013)

#27 Undergraduate public business program in U.S.

BloombergBusinessweek (2014)

#31 Undergraduate public business program

U.S. News & World Report (2015)