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Recruit Undergrads

The Undergraduate Career Development office focuses on strategic partnerships with top companies to connect them with high-quality UConn business students. We initiate and facilitate corporate recruiting, develop and maintain employer relationships, and track student placement.

Our mission is to develop collaborative partnerships with targeted global, national, and regional employers/alumni to connect students to actionable career information and viable job opportunities.

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Hire a Husky

Employers have the opportunity to list full-time, internship or co-op positions via our web based recruiting system known as HuskyCareerLink. Opportunities posted electronically by employers are viewed by UConn students and alumni, who can then apply for the positions through the system. Resumes and other supporting documents are sent to the employer via email as they are submitted. Employers may also post positions with directions for students to apply via the company website as well. The system is flexible for the application process depending on the employer needs. 

Why Hire Our Students?

UConn students graduate as knowledgeable, experienced, prepared, and alert young professionals ready for the workplace after their learning and growth both in the classroom and out.
The School ranks in the top 5 percent of business schools worldwide and is frequently considered the number 1 public business school in New England by various educational ranking publications.
Experiential Learning
Beyond receiving a thorough grounding in business education, our students capture many opportunities for experiential learning by working on solutions to real-time challenges with our corporate partners.

On-campus Interviews

Conducting interviews on-campus is one of the most effective ways to interview School of Business undergraduate students. The Undergraduate Career Development Office staff will help you with all your logistical needs.

Conducting interviews on-campus is the most efficient and convenient way to meet School of Business students. Our staff will help you with all your logistical needs.

Interviews are generally scheduled between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Students are directed to check in 5 minutes early either at the Career Development Office or in a designated “greeter” room.

The Career Development Office can arrange lunch or meetings during the day with either Faculty and Administration members, or with students. Meetings can be arranged during the day or the evening before your interviews, if you wish. Please call or e-mail us as needed.

When you are setting up an interview schedule, please make sure that you correctly specify the time frames that will work for your recruiting team. Changes are difficult to accommodate once students have started to sign up for interview times.

If you are bringing a “greeter” or multiple interviewers for each interview room, please let us know well in advance so that we can better accommodate your interview needs as we assign rooms.

Visiting Our Campus

The UConn School of Business has accommodations for various types of meetings or events, including interview rooms, small and large conference rooms, and classrooms. All rooms are equipped for technology hookup. Rooms need to be reserved in advance.

The UConn School of Business has accommodations for various types of meetings or events, including interview rooms, small and large conference rooms, and classrooms. All rooms need to be reserved in advance.If you would like to order food for your event, you may contact University Catering directly at 860.486.5053.

Welcome to the UConn School of Business. We look forward to working with you!

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On-campus Programming

Employers may hold on-campus events for undergraduate business students at the UConn Storrs, Stamford, West Hartford, or Waterbury campuses.  Please contact our office for options on venue as well as topical events.

An effective way to inform students of the opportunities your company offers is by coming to campus and meeting the students. This provides students with a strong sense of the objectives and career paths offered by your company.

Here are a few options for ways to do this:

Employer of the Day: This is a more casual, but effective event where students are welcome to stop by for information on job opportunities while they are in the School of Business building for classes.

Sponsor a Speaker: Your Company can sponsor an evening speaker event or series.

Career Expo: Attend the School of Business Career Expo which is strictly for business students, typically held early in the fall semester prior to recruiting season.
Career Fair: Attend a university wide career fair for both business and non-business students, held both in the fall and the spring semesters.

Consider hosting a Case Competition: This is a way to meet 15 – 20 students in a more personal manner by providing them with case studies and the opportunity to compete with their fellow students.
Partner with a student group or organization: Conduct an evening presentation during one of the student group meetings for the uindergraduate student groups and organzations.

For more information or help in arranging an on-campus visit please contact us in the School of Business Undergraduate Career Development office at 860-486-5136 or at

Diversity Recruiting

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) supports an institutional framework that acknowledges the importance of a diverse community and an inclusive environment. ODI promotes initiatives and programs that increases awareness, understanding and sensitivity to the needs of all individuals regardless of age, class, physical ability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. Our mission is to support and promote an inclusive environment that embraces and celebrates the diversity of all people.