Career Tuesdays

What to Expect?

Each Tuesday, at both the Storrs and Stamford campuses, there will be opportunities to meet with employers from across the country who are looking to connect with business majors at all class levels.

Company Recruiters will have information on upcoming internships and full-time roles as well as insights on what it is like to work for their organizations.

How do you find out which employers will be participating?The UCDO will post a list of all employers attending the events on both the HuskyCareerLink schedule as well as the Business Career Center Calendar under Events.

Who are the Recruiters?

Recruiters are the employees at an organization who can answer all of your questions about culture, skills and the practical side of working for their organization. Many times you will discover that the recruiters, and those individuals whom they bring with them to the events, are often UConn alumni or recent grads from other institutions. They can offer real world advice on how they themselves transitioned from college to their current career path. This kind of insight can make your job search much more relevant to your personal style.

Keep in mind, even if you may not feel confident about talking with an employer, this is the time to practice. No matter what your class level, it is never too early to start your career search. Introduce yourself, make a great first impression, and begin to build your network.
The Undergraduate Career Development Team will be there to help make your conversations valuable to you. 

Why you should Attend:

Attending one of the Business Career Tuesdays is a relaxed opportunity to spend a few moments with a recruiter or alumni to help build your career competencies - the tools that make you a great employee. For example, employers value the following areas of career readiness: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Teamwork, Leadership, Communications, Technology skills, Professionalism, Work Ethic and an awareness of the global world and cultural influences in your life. By meeting with employers at a Career Tuesday, you can learn how to share the story of your skills and build your communication skills. This is the place where / when employers can help provide insight and advice to you.