Policies, Guidelines and Timeline

We follow the Principles for Employment Professionals of the National Association of College and Employers (NACE). These guidelines work to help both students and employers get the most of the recruitment process.

Employers are encouraged to communicate decisions to candidates within a reasonable time frame, and communicate that time frame to candidates. Employers are expected to refrain from any undue pressure to accept. Exploding offers are strongly discouraged (e.g., any offer that does not afford a candidate the appropriate time to either accept or decline and/or has special incentives attached for the purposes of inducing early acceptances). Such offers put enormous pressure on our students to make a decision before they have completed the interviewing process.


Internship recruiting takes place during the Fall and Spring semesters, although many firms choose to discuss internship opportunities during company presentations in the Fall. Students should be provided between two – three weeks to make their decision.

Full time Hire recruiting typically begins during the Fall Semester for May graduates. On campus recruiting begins in September. On-campus interviewing begins in late September, with firms usually holding second round interviews in early and mid November and extend offers in late November or early December. With regard to employment offers, please provide students at least two – three weeks to decide on the offer.

Full time Hire following a Summer Internship At the end of a summer internship, if an employer wishes to make a full time offer to a student, such offer may be made upon completion of the internship, but an employer may consider following the national standards (NACE) which recommend that employers provide students with the opportunity to respond to an offer by the end of November.