UConn School of Business Career Summer Series – Weekly Editions

The UConn Business Summer Series is focused around a summer sports theme of building Career Fitness.  The series is designed to prepare students to answer weekly interview questions and to provide opportunities to build their story - in these four categories:

Kicking Off - Foundational Training
Digital Career Fitness - Technology
Pivot Moves - Career Options
Jump in (the pool) with Employers - Jobs / Events
For each interview question, a "Sample answer" and a "Hint" provides insight into what a recruiter is looking for with the specific question.  Each week the series also provides short videos, articles, webinars, jobs, employer engagement opportunities and alumni insight - with the intention of keeping the series engaging and interactive.  Students can select the interview question that aligns with their current needs, or can follow the series for a robust career fitness strategy.

June 1st - First Edition - How to answer the interview question: What did you do during the Summer of 2020?

June 8th - How to highlight your AGILITY skills in an interview.

June 15th - How to answer: What are you passionate about?

June 22nd - How to show your personality during an interview.

June 29th - Tell us about your experience when supporting the goals of a team.

July 6th - How to align your values with the culture / inclusivity of a potential employer.

July 13th - How to describe a time when you faced a challenge. How did you meet the challenge? What did you learn from it?

July 20th - What Leadership Skills do you Find Most Useful? Tell us about a time when you were able to utilize those leadership skills?

July 27th - Is there a place for emotion in an Interview? Utilizing Emotional Intelligence Strategies in a Pandemic/Economic Crisis

Meet with a member of the Business Career Development Team

Business Career Development Team - Virtual Meeting Options

  • We offer a Helpline at recruit@business.uconn.edu.  Email us your questions at your convenience.
  • We offer Scheduled Virtual Appointments thru Nexus which will be held via Webex or phone.  Be sure to provide your phone number in your appointment request.
  • We have extended our hours to include evening appointments from 6-8 pm / M-TH. For evening hour appointments:  Mon - Sue and Kathy; Tues - Judy; Thursday - Mik

Additional Options for Increasing Career Development Success

There are a number of resources available to you in the School of Business and at the Center for Career Development. Be sure to utilize these opportunities to help further your career development. Below are are few places to get you started. Don't forget to attend on-site Employer Events and Career Fairs, and we recommend that students join at least one business organization.  The Diversity Initiatives Office is open to all to students, and is a great resource for scholarships, leadership and professional development.


Center for Career Development


Office of Undergraduate Advising


Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Upcoming Events

  1. Aug 10 Finding An Internship or Co-op (Webinar) 7:00pm